Welcome to PUSH MARKETING. PUSH provides twenty years of corporate and small business marketing experience to our clients. By creatively and consistently marketing to every medium; including print, internet, social, event, broadcast and mobile, we connect your company with a targeted audience increasing the brand image and sales.

PUSH provides revenue-generating exposure, credibility and increased attention supporting traditional marketing with support from Social, Viral, Media Marketing opportunities whose far-reaching benefits are only surpassed by the lack of costs! Businesses understand the evolving marketing landscape, the transition from monthly to daily communication vital for connecting with their customers. However, time and priorities make taking advantage of the diverse marketing channels challenging.

Additionally, PUSH generates the often difficult to attain Public Relations coverage to increase editorial, with both vertical and non-endemic media and in turn, supports with ‘new’ media enhancing total impressions for your business and products.

PUSH offers consistent marketing, expertise and experience without the financial burden (salaries, 401K, benefits, insurance) of additional full-time Marketing Coordinators/Managers. From individual projects to monthly and yearly contracts, PUSH increases your effectiveness while decreasing energy and expenses.

We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss strategies, learn your business goals, target market and detail our capabilities. Contact PUSH MARKETING today and enhance your traditional marketing, increase Public Relations and combine the vast “free” social/media platforms to increase the company, brand, product awareness and sales.